The ASTRail proposal fits the rich S2R framework and, as such, its expected impacts necessarily reflect the Work Programme and the MAAP objectives.
In a top-down approach, the expected impacts can be summarized as follows:
·  Work Programme level “Smart, green and integrated transport”
o  Resource efficient transport that respects the environment
o  Better mobility, less congestion, more safety and security
o  Global leadership of the European transport Industry
·  S2R MAAP level:
o  Develop, integrate, demonstrate, and validate innovative railway technologies and solutions with the objective to improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of the European Railway Sector
·  S2R IP2 objectives
o  Line capacity Increase
o  Operational realiability increase
o  Railway system life cycle cost reduction
o  Maintain the highest level of safety
o  Reduce costs (CAPEX and OPEX)
o  Strong integration of different technologies and systems not yet largely applied in the railway field
·  Technical Demonstrator (TD) level
o  TD2.2 Railway network capacity
o  TD2.3 Moving Block
o  TD2.4 Fail-safe Train Positioning
o  TD2.7 Formal methods for smart signaling systems

Obviously, ASTRail alone will not be able to impact on all such aspects. However, as part of S2R eco-system, it will contribute to all of them.
For this reason ASTRail closely cooperate with the S2R actors and projects.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 777561

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